Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break

We headed down to Zions for spring break weekeend, with our neighbors Brett and Hope. We camped out and did some hiking. The weather was so warm! It was a nice change from the cold winter.
Hiking Angels Landing.
We went on a 9 mile hike called the Subway in Kolob Canyon, we found this cool little water fall on the way.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yes I'm a new blogger!

Sorry people you'll have to forgive me. I am a new blogger and i did things a little backwards. So you are going to have to start from the Honeymoon Post and go up. oops sorry guys. Oh and now you can leave comments! Thanks to my sister in law Amber Best!! Thanks Amber!

Alaska is so beautiful!

Juneau!! This is Juneau Alaska!

This is a picture of our ship! It was absolutely GINORMOUS, as you can see.

This is in Skagway Alaska! We took a train ride up the mountain. When we got back to the city we walked around and visited all the shops. This is a picture of a a huge snow blower on the front of a train! Crazy huh!

And Finally our last destination was Victoria Canada before we returned back to Seattle. It is a beautiful city, but i would have to say i absolutely love Alaska it is beautiful! Our honeymoon was so wonderful! We had an awesome time!
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The huge glacier!

Our ship got so close to this glacier! The captain of the ship said that it was the closest he has gotten to it all year! We felt pretty lucky. All around us there were huge icebergs floating in the water and the only thing i could think of was TITANTIC! Scary! I thought for sure we were going to sink! The glacier was cracking constantly, and then about a minute later a huge chunk of ice would fall off into the water. It made a huge splash and it was so loud!
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The first two nights after we were married Laynes Dad let us take his sweet corvette to Park City. Where we stayed in this really nice cabin. We had our own hot tub on our own deck! But we never actually got in ha ha. We were a little occupied...

Layne kept the honeymoon a secret from me! I didn't find out where we were going until we got to the the airport, and even then i didn't know. All i knew is that our flight would take us to Seattle. Ha ha finally Layne gave in and told me we were going on a cruise to Alaska!!! Ahh so exciting! I had never been to Alaska before, and that had always been a place i would have loved to visit! Finally I got to go, and with my new husband! We stopped in a few different cities. This is a picture of us in Ketchikan Alaska!

We took a shore excursion in Ketchikan, where we took a small float plane to a small island to see bears! The plane we took only held 4 people, the pilot, co-pilot and Layne and I. We had to wear those big ear muffs because the plane was so loud! It was a little scary after our pilot told us if our plane went down we would swim to shore, build a fire, dry out, and then we'll go from there. I was thinking ugh.... i think i would probably die in that freezing water before i got to shore.

Here is just one of the many bears we saw. The bears were catching fish like crazy, but it was kind of funny because they would catch one, chew on it for a few seconds and throw back in the water. Then they would go for another one.
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